Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leather Jewellery

I am obsessed with leather at the moment as my new collection will be made out of it. I have been looking into other jewellery designers that make leather jewellery and I came across some beautiful pieces. I absolutely love the multi coloured leather necklace in petal shape by Giulia Boccafogli, she mix matched the colours and it works so well! I also adore long flat bead necklace by Tania Clarke, especially love the length!


  1. Oh I have the biggest fettish for leather at the moment! When I start making headpieces I really hope to incorporate some leather into my first collection! I can't wait to see the pieces! Xx

    you've found some gorgeous pieces!
    Thanks for having a read of Neon Blonde I always love feedback from other bloggers and I love coming across new blogs!

    Go Perth for sure ;)

    Neon Blonde xxx

  2. I just want to thank you for having mentioned me in your beautiful blog! This is an honor for me.
    Best regards
    Giulia :-)

  3. i like it,, so beauty full.. jewelery.. great job.. :)