Friday, March 19, 2010

Break is over, back to work!

I have had the past month off to go to Poland and visit my family. The whole 4 weeks of bliss, no stress and cold weather with snowstorms that I actualy looked forward to! Unfortunately my holiday came to an end and so Im slowly reorganizing myself and getting back to it. In 2 weeks time is the Perth Upmarket on the 28th of March where I will be selling my pieces yet again. I am really looking forward to that as I always get the much needed input from the lovely customers and it gives me lots of satifaction when people admire my stuff. I also get asked a lot what my current collection is made out of to which I have to reply over and over again "It's made out of glass". Apparently its very hard to believe. So if you're free that Sunday make sure you head down to Perth Upmarket as there is going to be over 100 designers with great handmade buys and if you spot me come and say hello! 

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