Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jewellery Branding

So I have 2 big markets coming up. First one is Perth Upmarket on June 27th and second one is Made On The Left on July 18th. Display and how you brand your jewellery is always very important and I have started make more bags, labels and I made new earring holder. Please excuse my photographic skills and my very old camera, this why I let professionals take photos of my pieces! 

With colours I stick with black & white as those are my brand colours - . I use paper punches that match my logo (well sort of but I think its close enough) and I have made up a stamp for carry bags. Boxes are next on the agenda, I have found the cutest black noodle boxes at Lincraft, I just have to make some labels to go on them. I actually enjoy making all of these now, at uni it was always the very last thing on my mind!

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